Seriously, I can't wait to hear about all the crap you have going on and listen to you. And as I listen I will be thinking, writing and making notes of what YOU really need to do NEXT. That is really important. Having a plan.

Here is what Sue said about our time together!

Jennifer changed my way of thinking SO much!

I just feel like I think things through more now in a positive sense and I finally have figured out I can’t fix all the things I want to. And I’m getting better at accepting that!! This has been a very long rambling I’m sorry for thatIf you haven’t given up reading this yet I want you to know you have made a difference in my life. You helped me with confidence I didn’t know I had and a new way to look at what others might be going thru and though I may not truely understand all they are dealing with...I will not judge them as harshly! I’m more sympathetic but I’m trying to not enable and let myself get walked on at the same time.-Sue Schilder

Just in case you missed it- here is what is included!

After our 90- Minute Breakthrough Strategy Session, I will give you a copy of the ACTION GamePlan, what our time together uncovers, and should you chose to work further with me, together we will break down all the pieces of what you are facing. (Mental, emotional, spiritual, emotional and occupational)

Would you like to know more about the ACTION GamePlan? After going through this 90-minute session you will:

  • Feel relief that I have thought this entire thing through.
  • Feel shocked at what we accomplish in 90-Minutes.
  • Feel relief that you aren't alone.
  • Feel hopeful that maybe you can survive this and not lose everything.
  • Feel weight lifted because I have a plan and after we talk I'll help you navigate what steps to take to win the battle that you are facing, be it mental health or the sad truth that you are addicted to being perfect.

After the call- I complete your entire analysis, Intake Form and complete the ACTION GamePlan and get that to you the same day.

Imagine what it would feel like to be able to talk freely with me about those things that haunt you and instead of feeling judged you realize you are actually talking to someone who has been where you are? Someone who knows what's at stake if you're 'real' with the wrong person.

Oh ya, who am I?

For the past ten years, I've been speaking, teaching and working with individuals who are stuck. Stuck in grief, addiction, depression and an unfair system where you can't win. A system where if you reach out for help, you could lose your job, reputation, marriage, maybe everything. But if you don't do something, you feel like your going to lose your mind and possibly everything that's important to you.

I truly love working with good-hearted, hard-working people who feel stuck, hopeless and isolated inside of their own minds. That's you, isn't it? You care about people. You would give the shirt off your back for a friend or family member in need. But this, this has you feeling worthless. I know, I've been there. When I was in the midst of my battle with suicidal ideation I was convinced that my daughters were better off without me. And then when my husband and daughter died and my diagnosis of PTSD followed shortly, I didn't know who I was. Since that day, I've fought to be this woman and in 2016 I worked my way off disability to re-enter the workforce.

If you haven't been in the psychiatric unit- please let my experiences of being in there help you. (I learned so much)

If you have a job and family you love that you don't want to lose, but you don't have a clue how to get out the mess you are in, please let my experience of navigating a very unfair system help you.

If you have tried a few things but you are still struggling, please let my fresh set of eyes help you find a solution to what you are facing.

I've got you- let's do this!

I'm So Ready!

First Name

Last Name

Email Address

    I Agree that - 1. I am committed to working on myself. 2. I can carve out time for our call and I will be in a quiet/private place so that I can talk freely. 3. I have the financial resources to work on myself right now. 4. I understand that change takes time. (I understand this is not an overnight fix but rather a comprehensive plan.) 

Payment Options

 $595.00 USD

 $200.00 USD  ( then $200.00 USD for 2 months )

Total: 0.00


  Credit or debit card

Your Story

The Your Life's Story Workbook can be used to begin the process of discovering who you are.

Breakthrough Intake Form

1 Lessons

The -Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual and Occupational Self!
Putting Together The Action GamePlan

After our time together I will take all the results from the Breakthrough Intake form and everything that we have discussed and put together Your Action GamePlan.

*Communication Plan

*Mental Health Strategy 

*Relationship Remedy

*Spiritual Guidance

*Job Readiness

Half Off Any Online Course

As part of this course, you will gain access to half off one of the other courses we have here in the Academy.

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