21 Day Kick Start To Loving Yourself


Today you can gain access to some of the powerful lessons I've been teaching now for 10 years.

Here are just a few things said recently about this 21 Day Kick-Start.

"Thank you, I've found such value in what you shared in here!"

"I love the daily prompts, I had never thought of writing myself a letter, I'll be doing that today."

We also received this beautiful message-

"Jennifer, your '21 Day Challenge’ is amazing and can be reused anytime a soul needs. In my opinion, this could be bound and then possibly made into a yearly printable. I go every year looking to purchase such daily guidance... yours may be the most healing I’ve experienced. Thank you. Bless you."

It's TRUE... when I hit rock bottom I realized I was addicted to being perfect, faking it, trying to please everyone, feeling judged and hopeless. I had no idea what it would take to find life on the other side of what I was facing.

Something clicked when I was ashamed and depressed...

I started to see that I was hiding behind my GPA, my spotless house, what everyone else thought of me and that NONE of those things would ever make me 'good' enough.

Today take action! Do something for yourself that will really fill up your soul!

AND for now, until December 17th when you buy one 21 Day Kick-Start you get ONE FREE to gift the entire Kick-Start to someone else.

Yes, you heard that right! For $37.00 you can get over $500.00 worth of lessons, content and much more!

This offer ends on December 17th!

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