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Welcome, I am so glad you are here!

This course is designed to help you navigate the overwhelming confusion, isolation, and frustration that comes with any mental health battle.

  • Find power in your pain.
  • Learn how to truly forgive and love yourself.
  • Don't let any mental health diagnosis define you. Growth is possible. 
  • Find hope and stay committed to winning the battle you are facing.

Available Products

The Forgiveness GamePlan

What would it be like to have a system in place to process anger, pain, failure, bitterness, and grief?

What I have discovered is that most people don't have an accurate working definition of what it means to forgive. Sadly, this can lead to confusion, pain, and depression.

In this 3 hour workshop, we work together to pinpoint your top emotions and learn how to honor those emotions and make them work for you and not against you.

I would like to teach you what I discovered about true forgiveness after my husband and daughter were killed by a drunk driver. With God's help, I was able to not only forgive the man that killed them but I went on to advocate for his well being in prison and for his early release. 

This is what a few people have said about the workshop--->

"I have experienced an understanding of True Forgiveness through "The Forgiveness GamePlan… Jennifer is open, honest and willing to admit her struggles, which helps one realize that we are not alone… For once, I felt no judgment, condemnation and the hope that continuing my walk with God is a beautiful thing. I am looking forward to future insight from Jennifer and I am ever so grateful."

—Shannon Helvie

"My boyfriend and I completed the Forgiveness GamePlan together with Jennifer; we both got so much out of it. Jennifer is genuine and kind so it is easy to feel comfortable and relaxed during your time with her. She presents ideas and concepts in new ways that reshape your understanding of them. We both left with tools for us to use at home and in the future."

–Morgan Grimm - 

Every day I see kind, good-hearted people walking around struggling because they don't know what to do with the real issues they are facing.

Today can be the day that changes for you!

This workshop comes with a money-back guarantee. If you are not 100% pleased after going through this together I will refund you your money. 

21 Day Kick Start To Loving Yourself

When I was in the Psychiatric Unit, I realized I didn't love myself! I genuinely felt my daughters were better off without me.

Today you can start with 21 Powerful yet simple daily actions to propel learning to love yourself in a positive forward motion. 

The 21 Day Kick- Start will help you:

Grow Your Inner Confidence...

Calm Your Negative Mind...

Equip Yourself With New Tools...

Unpack Forgiveness...

I've packed some of my most powerful teachings into this Kick-Start and it's valued at $297.00 but it's yours today for $137.00 dollars.

Don't take my word for it, this is what other's have to say about it->

Speak & Be Heard

Today you can learn one line that can change everything about the way you communicate...

Effective Communication can be one of the toughest endeavors to learn, practice and put into action. I know.

After struggling for years with Anxiety and PTSD I discovered that people didn't know my life experiences and they couldn't see what was happening on the inside of me.

It doesn't have to be this way. It breaks my heart to see good-hearted people stuffing their emotions, caught in their own minds and unable to connect on a deep level with those they love.

Don't take my word for it click here to see what others have said about the Speak & Be Heard Technique ->

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